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Mom Support

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What is Mom Support?

Plain and simple, it is support for moms, with the beautiful ripple effect of supporting families. 

How is this related to occupational therapy (OT)?

Our service was developed by a licensed OT.  As licensed rehabilitation care professionals, often part of health care teams, our focus is to address the whole person to restore or improve physical abilities, promote behavioral changes, adapt surroundings, and teach new skills; the goal is to have the individual achieve her best physical and mental functioning in daily life tasks.

In other words, after getting to know our clients really well with a strategic evaluation process, we come up with highly impactful and practical individualized plans to achieve personal goals and improve performance and quality of life.

With experience formally assessing self-care in the hospital setting and developing treatment plans around this, Leora was shocked when feeling lost after having children and needing guidance in wellness and rehabilitation for her own journey.  

Our Founder is working towards one of the first certifications of its kind in Maternal Health via Postpartum Support International and


How does it work?

Schedule a free discovery call with no commitment. If it's a good fit, we work together to:

  • Identify and explore your roles, including daily activities and tasks.
  • Develop your Support Wishlist to help you clarify what you need. 
  • Identify resources to create your virtual and "real life" village to yield help that families need and want in the postpartum days.
  • Establish a personalized online tool to manage your Support Wishlist and village. You have the option to take over and manage independently, pass along the coordination to a trusted relative or friend, or we can take care of that for you.

Wish you had a dream team during your pregnancy and postpartum to help you do motherhood your way? Get started here.


What moms are saying:

“Leora created an ingenious process that gave voice to my vague worries and turned them into concrete and therefore not-so-scary, solvable problems. She then took these “inevitable post-baby problems,” and created actionable solutions. She gave me a safe and judgment-free space to voice my anxieties. Then went one step further: she found ways to PLAN around the potential pitfalls.” 

“Leora harnessed the power of my own personal village to help when it was needed most. This was huge for me because I am not good at asking for help, so she took it out of my hands and just handled it. Amazing.”

“I am not overstating it when I say our family unit is stronger, my relationship with my husband is more solid, and I have been given the priceless gift of being able to focus on bonding with my new little one instead of being bogged down by the many worries (and logistics) of the day.”

“I’m eternally grateful to [you] for being so instrumental in helping our merry band of 5 get started on the right foot!”


Mom Support Details:

Support Includes:

Two video or phone consultations up to 30 minutes each

Creation of Individualized Support Wishlist 

Email and/or text support for the duration of the live link for web and app-based Village


Optional Add Ons:

Coordinate Online Care Calendar

Meal Delivery Network

Video or phone calls

Email and/or text support

Transition Support Wishlist to new life stage