Why the CozyRack Tank?

Prior to the birth of my first son, I had the intention of attempting breastfeeding because it seemed like the most healthy, convenient, and affordable option to feed my baby.  I clearly recall not believing I would make it past the second night in the hospital (this feeling occurred on many occasions). The nipple and breast pain, the exhaustion, the recovery from an emergency C-section... it was all so much to process and move past.

But, a woman's body is incredible and somehow we made it to 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, and the next thing I knew I was nursing a 21-month-old and was more than halfway through my pregnancy with my second son. It was difficult, but anything truly worthwhile is.

When we began venturing out in the early days, I frequently struggled with what to wear and never felt put together. Many of my shirts were ruined by pulling the neckline down, which was always the simplest way to feed a hungry baby. 

I realized that I truly felt my best when I wore "real clothes" that were nursing-friendly.  After all, it made sense to me that normalizing breastfeeding also meant wearing normal clothes (with easy boob access).  

I am thrilled to be offering to others what worked for me, especially after so much time and frustration of trying to figure out a rhythm to life as a new mom and doing my best to embrace the new grind.  As you Do Motherhood, we believe in the choices you make for your family.  Pregnant or postpartum, nursing or not, your boobs and body will thank you for the CozyRack tank. 

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